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160m contest

From 1980 onwards we have been participating in the CQWW 160mtrs CW contests. Our contest group consists of:


Our contest QTH (JO21OJ) is located in the country side near the city of Eindhoven in the south of the Netherlands and we operate from a barn with plenty of free space around us to setup the antennas and supports.

160_vertical_2_200_150 (19K) 160_vertical_5_200_150 (18K)



Radio used is a FT1000 mark V feeding 2 poweramplifiers via the 160mtrs antenna switch controller.

Main poweramplifier is a Russion surplus amplifier build around a GU43 tube, output 400W++. Second amplifier is a FL2100, running also around 400W.


For logging we use n1mm contest logger feeding our interactive live website (WICE)with current log data


160_vertical_300_400 (79K)

Our main antenna is a vertical, during the years we used different configuration. Ranging from fullsize quarter wave with plenty of radials to L-shaped with four elevated radials. At present the vertical is L-shaped with vertical part around 30mtrs and approx. 30 radials of 40mtrs length. Second antenna used is a good old dipole.

As receive antenna's we use a 300mtrs long beverage pointed at the USA and from 2007 onwards we plan to build two K9AY loop's.

160_beverage_1_400_300 (87K)

Via the 160mtrs switch box we are able to select for receive the vertical, dipole, beverage or one of the 4 K9AY loops