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Thucydides, some history

Thucydides was an Athenian general and historian. He is known for his History of the Peloponnesian War, the struggle between Athens and Sparta (431-404 B.C). His emphasis on accuracy and his impartial attitude in reporting events and drawing conclusions won him the title “father of scientific history”. Thucydides believed that studying events of the past could help men understand similar events in the future and perhaps avoid similar mistakes. He saw and reported the greed of power as the underlying cause of this war. Thucydides included facts he knew to be true, either from his own experience of the war or from interviews with persons who had participated in other actions.

In this constellation Thucydides will be used as a manager for history files used by n1mmlogger.


Thucydides provides the following features

Thucydides has been developed to manage history files to be used by n1mmlogger. With this manager it is possible to create and update your own history database with the information gathered during logging contest qso’s and generate history text files. Those history text files can be used within n1mmlogger to verify and fill in automatically specific information when logging new contacts (grid square, state, CK, etc).

Due to the fact that the history file format is quite limited the need arise to have specific history files for specific contests.

Thucydides overview

Thucydides uses a separate (MSAccess) database to store all history information. This history database is organized such, that it can store different kind of information for every call sign. Information can be i.e. state, arrl section, name but also Dutch provinces of fieldday section.


Thucydides Import window

The history database can be filled and updated with actual contest logging information (from n1mmlogger) or with text files. Text file format should be comma delimited rows of data, equal to the history.txt format used by n1mmlogger. Filling and updating the history database is called “import”. Note that the n1mmlogger database is never altered; it is used for read only purposes.


Thucydides overview

In order to generate an optimized history.txt file to be used by n1mmlogger, Thucydides has an “export” function. With this function the Thucydides database is read, needed fields are extracted and a history.txt (or other filename) is generated

Mapping file

An important role in both processes (import and export) has an MSExcel based mapping file. The content of this file will hold the mapping to be used between the input and output data and the history database. This mapping is contest specific. For experienced users this mapping file can be altered in order to add additional contests or change the default behavior.


Thucydides has been developed using Delphi6. Database components ADODB en the OLE Jet 4.1 engine and optimized for Windows 32bit operating system. During development great help has been provided by Thomas, PA1M for verification and insight information of the internal n1mmlogger contest implementation.

PC Requirements

Requirements are moderate, a normal PC with VGA screen is sufficient. Thucydides has been developed and tested on Windows XP, but will run on W98 and NT.